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Moolman, M.C. (author), Huang, Z. (author), Krishnan, S.T. (author), Kerssemakers, J.W.J. (author), Dekker, N.H. (author)
Background: Controlled restriction of cellular movement using microfluidics allows one to study individual cells to gain insight into aspects of their physiology and behaviour. For example, the use of micron-sized growth channels that confine individual Escherichia coli has yielded novel insights into cell growth and death. To extend this...
journal article 2013
Pedaci, F. (author), Huang, Z. (author), Van Oene, M. (author), Dekker, N.H. (author)
The optical torque wrench is a laser trapping technique that expands the capability of standard optical tweezers to torque manipulation and measurement, using the laser linear polarization to orient tailored microscopic birefringent particles. The ability to measure torque of the order of kBT (?4 pN nm) is especially important in the study of...
journal article 2012
Crut, A. (author), Koster, D.A. (author), Huang, Z. (author), Hage, S. (author), Dekker, N.H. (author)
journal article 2008