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Lu, Y. (author), Steele-Dunne, S.C. (author), De Lannoy, Gabriƫlle J.M. (author)
Surface heat fluxes are vital to hydrological and environmental studies, but mapping them accurately over a large area remains a problem. In this study, brightness temperature (TB) observations or soil moisture retrievals from the NASA Soil Moisture Active Passive (SMAP) mission and land surface temperature (LST) product from the...
journal article 2020
Lu, Y. (author), Dong, Jianzhi (author), Steele-Dunne, S.C. (author)
The spatial heterogeneity and temporal variation of soil moisture and surface heat fluxes are key to many geophysical and environmental studies. It has been demonstrated that they can be mapped by assimilating soil thermal and wetness information into surface energy balance models. The aim of this work is to determine whether enhancing the...
journal article 2019