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Chevtchenko, O.A. (author), Smit, J.J. (author), Geschiere, A. (author)
Cryostat for a high-temperature superconducting power cable, comprising concentric tubes, an annular region between said tubes, wherein a multilayer thermal insulation and getter material for supporting high vacuum conditions are provided in said annular region, and wherein the multilayer insulation comprises reflective layers separated by...
patent 2010
Robers, E.W.J. (author), Molenaar, B.A.M. (author), Smit, W. (author), Bech, L.P. (author), Bouman, C. (author)
The invention relates to an electric charger for an accumulator or a battery or the like, which is adapted for rapid charging during an on-period and comprises for this purpose control means for starting and ending the on-period. The charger is provided with a circuit for converting a supply voltage to a charging current for the battery, and...
patent 2009
Den Uijl, S. (author), Bouman, C. (author), Smit, W. (author)
The invention relates to a rechargeable power supply suitable to be used in a battery-operated device comprising at least one supercapacitor and at least a first and a second DC-DC converter connected in series, wherein the supercapacitor is connectable to an entry of the first DC-DC converter and the device is connectable to an exit of the...
patent 2006