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Chen, Y. (author), Liu, Yao-Hong (author), Zong, Z. (author), Dijkhuis, Johan (author), Dolmans, Guido (author), Staszewski, R.B. (author), Babaie, M. (author)
In this paper, we propose a method to suppress supply pushing of an LC oscillator such that it may directly operate from a switched-mode dc-dc converter generating fairly large ripples. A ripple replication block (RRB) generates an amplified ripple replica at the gate terminal of the tail current source to stabilize the oscillator's tail...
journal article 2019
Kuo, Feng-Wei (author), Babaie, M. (author), Chen, Huan-Neng (Ron) (author), Cho, Lan-Chou (author), Jou, Chewn-Pu (author), Chen, Mark (author), Staszewski, R.B. (author)
We propose a time-predictive architecture of an all-digital PLL (ADPLL) for cellular radios, which is optimized for advanced CMOS. It is based on a 1/8-length time-to-digital converter (TDC) of stabilized 7-ps resolution, as well as wide tuning range, and fine-resolution class-F digitally controlled oscillator (DCO) with only switchable metal...
journal article 2018
Kuo, Feng-Wei (author), Binsfeld Ferreira, S. (author), Chen, Huan-Neng (Ron) (author), Cho, Lan-Chou (author), Jou, Chewn-Pu (author), Hsueh, F.L. (author), Madadi, I. (author), Tohidian, M. (author), Shahmohammadi, M. (author), Babaie, M. (author), Staszewski, R.B. (author)
journal article 2017