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Boersma, B.J. (author), Pecnik, R. (author), Nemati, H. (author), Peeters, J.W.R. (author)
In this paper we discuss the effect of sharp property variations on the turbulent heat transfer in fluids close the critical point. The governing equations for this flow regime are discussed, a short description of the numerical tools that have been developed to study these flows is given. Finally, some results for supercritical heat transfer in...
journal article 2015
Campagne, G. (author), Cazalbou, J.B. (author), Joly, L. (author), Chassaing, P. (author)
In this paper, direct numerical simulation is used to study the interaction between turbulence and a free surface. The configuration is original due to the fact that a random force generates turbulence in the vicinity of a plane parallel to the free surface. Turbulence is therefore statistically steady and nearly isotropic at some distance of...
conference paper 2006
Vrieling, A.J. (author)
This thesis deals with mixing of passive scalars in a turbulent flow. The passive scalars are released in a turbulent plane channel flow and interpreted as either non-reactive components or reactive components that are involved in a competitive-consecutive reaction system. The evolution of these passive scalars under influence of turbulent...
doctoral thesis 2003