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Prokhorov, V.G. (author), Kaminsky, G.G. (author), Kim, J.M. (author), Eom, T.W. (author), Park, J.S. (author), Lee, Y.P. (author), Svetchnikov, V.L. (author), Levtchenko, G.G. (author), Nikolaenko, Y.M. (author), Khokhlov, V.A. (author)
X-ray diffraction analysis and high-resolution electron microscopy of BiFeO3 films prepared by dc magnetron sputtering on single-crystal LaAlO3 (001) substrates reveal that the films have a highly c-oriented orthorhombic crystalline structure. The magnetic properties of the BiFeO3 films are typical of ensembles of interacting superparamagnetic...
journal article 2011
Prokhorov, V.G. (author), Hyun, Y.H. (author), Park, J.S. (author), Kim, J.B. (author), Kim, G.H. (author), Lee, Y.S. (author), Lee, Y.P. (author), Svetchnikov, V.L. (author)
The microstructural and magnetic properties of amorphous, nanoclustered, and self-organized bilayer Nd0.5Sr0.5MnO3 films, prepared by rf magnetron sputtering, are investigated. The amorphous film was found to be a typical paramagnet with free motion of the individual Mn spins, and the magnetic properties are well described on the basis of the...
journal article 2008