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Matias, Ana (author), Carrasco, Ana Rita (author), Loureiro, Carlos (author), Andriolo, Umberto (author), Masselink, Gerd (author), Guerreiro, Martha (author), Pacheco, A (author), McCall, R.T. (author), Ferreira, Óscar (author), Plomaritis, Theocharis A. (author)
Overwash hydrodynamics datasets are mixed in quality and scope, being hard to obtain due to fieldwork experimental difficulties. Aiming to overcome such limitations, this work presents accurate fieldwork data on overwash<br/>hydrodynamics, further exploring it to model overwash on a low-lying barrier island. Fieldwork was performed on Barreta...
conference paper 2017
Klaver, S. (author), Nederhoff, C. M. (author), Giardino, A (author), Tissier, M.F.S. (author), van Dongeren, A. R. (author), van der Spek, A.J.F. (author)
Small island developing states are among the most vulnerable areas to the impact of natural hazards and climate change. Flooding due to storm surges and extreme waves, coastal erosion, and salinization of freshwater lenses are already a serious threat and could lead to irreversible consequences in the coming decades. Reef flat mining is one...
journal article 2019