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Ooms, G. (author), Pourquie, M.J.B.M. (author), Beerens, J.C. (author)
A numerical study has been made of horizontal core-annular flow: the flow of a high-viscosity liquid core surrounded by a low-viscosity liquid annular layer through a horizontal pipe. Special attention is paid to the question how the buoyancy force on the core, caused by a density difference between the core and the annular layer, is...
journal article 2013
van der Kolk, N.J. (author), Keuning, J.A. (author), Huijsmans, R.H.M. (author)
A Reynolds-Averaged Navier Stokes computational fluid dynamics (RANS-CFD) package will be one of the primary tools used during the development of a performance prediction program for Wind-Assisted commercial ships. The modelling challenge presented by large separated flow structures in the wake of the sailing ship points to a conscientious...
conference paper 2017
Gunyol, O. (author)
The current understanding of the transport phenomena involved in the operation of industrial fermenters is not sufficient. This is reflected by the limitations seen in their design and operation. A better insight in the local processes taking place (hydrodynamics, gas dispersion, mixing, microbial kinetics) is required to be able to make a step...
doctoral thesis 2017