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Voogd-Claessen, H. (author), Van Bladel, C. (author), Van Daalen, T. (author), Dekkers, B. (author), Elwick, R. (author), Mulder, F. (author), Nachmany, G. (author)
Rowing is a sport which requires a proper technique, strong core balance, physical strength and endurance. Rowing boats designed for competition are built of epoxy laminate with glass or carbon reinforcement; they are lightweight, stiff, long, and narrow to achieve minimal water resistance. However, this makes them extremely unstable and...
journal article 2010
Greidanus, A.J. (author), Delfos, R. (author), Westerweel, J. (author)
The largest part of hydrodynamic drag during rowing, sailing or canoeing is the turbulent skin friction (80-90%). Higher velocities can be achieved by reducing the friction drag as a result of surface treatment. This research focuses on the development, characterization, and testing of drag-reducing surfaces, like nano- and micro-structured...
journal article 2012