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Lowe, C.P. (author), Masters, A.J. (author)
Our original article presented computer simulation results for the viscoelastic response of a simple model colloidal suspension. We compared our results for the viscosity with a theoretical prediction of Verberg et al. [R. Verberg, I. M. de Schepper, and E. G. D. Cohen, Phys. Rev. E 55, 3143 (1997)] and found poor agreement. It is suggested in...
journal article 2001
Bakker, A.F. (author), Lowe, C.P. (author)
In a suspension, the hydrodynamic interactions between particles can propagate by two mechanisms: relatively slowly, by the diffusion of transverse momentum, or relatively rapidly, by the propagation of sound waves. Here we describe computer simulation results for the collective and single particle dynamics of colloidal particles with the aim of...
journal article 2002