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Aarsen, R. (author), Janssen, M. (author), Ramkisoen, M. (author), Biljecki, F. (author), Quak, W. (author), Verbree, E. (author)
In case of a calamity in the Netherlands - e.g. a dike breach - parts of the nationwide electric network can fall out. In these occasions it would be useful if decentralised energy sources of the Smart Grid would contribute to balance out the fluctuations of the energy network. Decentralised energy sources include: solar energy, wind energy,...
conference paper 2015
Quak, C.W. (author), Janssen, P. (author), Reuvers, M. (author)
In 2005 a base model for geographic information in the Netherlands was published named NEN 3610. The model consist of a modeling framework (based on the ISO19100 series) and a collection of extensible base classes. In the following years many organizations have built their models in conformance to this base model (IMRO, TOP10NL, IMTOP, IMWA,...
conference paper 2009