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Ren, M. (author), Wang, Shuzhong (author), Yang, Chuang (author), Xu, Haitao (author), Guo, Yang (author), Roekaerts, D.J.E.M. (author)
This work reports an experimental study on supercritical water oxidation of quinoline. Moderate preheat temperature (420 °C–510 °C) and initial concentration (1 wt%–10 wt%) are selected to address the possibility of utilizing the heat released during the reaction, in order to realize high conversion rate at relatively low preheat temperature....
journal article 2019
Han, Haoya (author), Li, Li (author), Tian, Yuchuan (author), Wang, Yunwei (author), Ye, Zhishuang (author), Yang, Qingsong (author), Wang, Y. (author), Von Klitzing, Regine (author), Guo, Xuhong (author)
Hollow silica nanoparticles were prepared through generating a silica layer in spherical polyelectrolyte nanogels (SPN), which consisted of a solid core of polystyrene (PS) and a shell of crosslinked poly(acrylic acid) (PAA), followed by removing the PS core via solvent dissolution. Small angle X-ray scattering (SAXS) in combination with TEM...
journal article 2017