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Dakka, J. (author), Sheldon, R.A. (author), Sanderson, W.A. (author)
Abstract of GB 2309655 (A) Heterogeneous catalysts comprising one or more metal compounds selected from the group consisting of tin, molybdenum, tungsten, zirconium and selenium compounds deposited on the surface of a silicalite are provided. Preferably Sn(IV) and/or Mo(VI) are employed. The catalysts are prepared by reacting a metal halide...
patent 1997
Sheldon, R.A. (author), Chen, J.D. (author), Dakka, J. (author)
Abstract of WO 9408932 (A1) The invention relates to an improvement in carrying out a catalyzed decomposition of organic hydroperoxides. The improvement consists in the use of a heterogeneous catalyst which is composed of a three-dimensional microporous structure, a so-called molecular sieve, containing aluminum, silicon and/or phosphorus oxides...
patent 1994