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Selck, Henriette (author), Adamsen, Peter B. (author), Backhaus, Thomas (author), Banga, Gary T. (author), Bruce, Peter K.H. (author), Burton, G. Allen (author), Butts, Michael J. (author), Boegh, Eva (author), Clague, John J. (author), Dinh, Khuong V, (author), Doorn, N. (author), Gunnarsson, Jonas S. (author), Hauggaard-Nielsen, Henrik (author), Hazlerigg, Charles (author), Hunka, agnieszka (author), Jensen, John (author), Lin, Yan (author), Loureiro, Susana (author), Miraglia, Simona (author), Munns, Wayne (author), Nadim, Farrokh (author), Palmqvist, Annemete (author), Rämö, Robert A. (author), Seaby, Lauren (author), syberg, kristian (author), Tangaa, Stine (author), Thit, amalie (author), Windfeld, Ronja (author), Zalewski, Maciej (author), Chapman, Peter M. (author)
Roskilde University (Denmark) hosted a November 2015 workshop, Environmental Risk—Assessing and Managing Multiple Risks in a Changing World. This Focus article presents the consensus recommendations of 30 attendees from 9 countries regarding implementation of a common currency (ecosystem services) for holistic environmental risk assessment and...
journal article 2017
Breukers, S. (author), Backhaus, J. (author), Mourik, R. (author), Hodson, M. (author), Marvin, S. (author), Brohmann, B. (author)
The history of energy demand side management (DSM) projects shows that accomplishing lasting energy-behavioural changes is difficult. The CHANGING BEHAVIOUR project aims at a better understanding of energy-related behavioural change, in order to improve the DSM practice. The approach is one of continuous interaction between researchers and...
conference paper 2010