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Huang, Y. (author), Pool, D.M. (author), Stroosma, O. (author), Chu, Q. P. (author)
High precision motion control of hydraulic manipulators is challenging due to the highly nonlinear dynamics and model uncertainties typical for hydraulic actuators. This paper addresses the implementation of a novel sensor-based incremental nonlinear dynamic inversion control technique for a high-precision hydraulic force controller in existence...
journal article 2019
Lu, Hongzhong (author), Cao, Weiqiang (author), Liu, X. (author), Sui, Yufei (author), Ouyang, Liming (author), Xia, Jianye (author), Huang, Mingzhi (author), Zhuang, Yingping (author), Zhang, Siliang (author), Noorman, H.J. (author), Chu, Ju (author)
Oxygen limitation is regarded as a useful strategy to improve enzyme production by mycelial fungus like Aspergillus niger. However, the intracellular metabolic response of A. niger to oxygen limitation is still obscure. To address this, the metabolism of A. niger was studied using multi-omics integrated analysis based on the latest GEMs ...
journal article 2018
Lu, Hongzhong (author), Liu, X. (author), Huang, Mingzhi (author), Xia, Jianye (author), Chu, Ju (author), Zhuang, Yingping (author), Zhang, Siliang (author), Noorman, H.J. (author)
Background: Aspergillus niger is widely used for enzyme production and achievement of high enzyme production depends on the comprehensive understanding of cell's metabolic regulation mechanisms. Results: In this paper, we investigate the metabolic differences and regulation mechanisms between a high glucoamylase-producing strain A. niger...
journal article 2015