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Ye, Xiaotong (author), Leeflang, M.A. (author), Wu, Chengtie (author), Chang, Jiang (author), Zhou, J. (author), Huan, Z. (author)
Porous Ti-6Al-4V scaffolds fabricated by means of selective laser melting (SLM),
having controllable geometrical features and preferable mechanical properties, have been developed as a class of biomaterials that hold promising potential for bone repair. However, the inherent bio-inertness of the Ti-6Al-4V alloy as the matrix of the scaffolds...
journal article 2017
Zhou, J. (author), Qian, S. (author), Sierra Beltran, M.G. (author), Ye, G. (author), Van Breugel, K. (author), Li, V.C. (author)
Nowadays limestone powder and blast furnace slag (BFS) are widely used in concrete as blended materials in cement. The replacement of Portland cement by limestone powder and BFS can lower the cost and enhance the greenness of concrete, since the production of these two materials needs less energy and causes less CO2 emission than Portland cement...
journal article 2009
Ye, Y. (author), Zhou, K. (author), Wang, D. (author), Wang, J.C. (author)
journal article 2006