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Bakker, C.A. (author), Peck, D.P. (author), Soboll, P. (author), Tempelman, E. (author)
As the world moves into an era of significant changes predicated by the challenge of sustainability, the future holds many questions, with serious consequences depending on the answers. Given the implications of these changes, the world’s design community needs to be constantly challenged to respond. To support conversations on what life will be...
conference paper 2010
Bakker, C.A. (author), Ingenegeren, R. (author), Devoldere, T. (author), Tempelman, E. (author), Huisman, J. (author), Peck, D.P. (author)
Eco-design heuristics (defined as experience-based techniques for problem solving) can play a useful role in helping designers prioritize eco-design strategies. One of these eco-design heuristics (the ‘use phase’ heuristic) is: Frequently used electric and electronic products usually have, over their life span, a dominant impact in the use phase...
conference paper 2012