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Van Ormondt, D. (author), De Beer, R. (author), Van der Veen, J.W.C. (author), Sima, D.M. (author), Graveron-Demilly, D. (author)
MRI-scanners enable non-invasive, in vivo quantitation of metabolites in, e.g., the brain of a patient. Among other things, this requires adequate estimation of the unknown temporal decay function of the complex-valued signal emanating from the metabolites. We propose a method to render a current decay estimator more simple, accurate, and robust...
conference paper 2015
Van der Veen, J.W. (author), Van Ormondt, D. (author), De Beer, R. (author)
In this work we report on generating/using simulated metabolite basis sets for the quantification of in vivo MRS signals, assuming that they have been acquired by using the PRESS pulse sequence. To that end we have employed the classes and functions of the GAMMA C++ library. By using several versions of our PRESS-simulation program, we were able...
conference paper 2012