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Liu, Nan (author), Liu, D. (author), Wang, Weifei (author), Hollmann, F. (author), Xu, Long (author), Ma, Yunjian (author), Yang, Bo (author), Bai, Weidong (author), Sun, Xiaotao (author), Wang, Yonghua (author)
α‐Linolenic acid‐rich diacylglycerol has been demonstrated with promising health promotion functions. This study examined the production, immobilization of lipase PCL, and its application in the synthesis of diacylglycerol by esterification of α‐linolenic acid with glycerol. The resin ECR8806 was selected as an effective support for the...
journal article 2018
Sun, Zhu (author), Yang, J. (author), Zhang, J. (author), Bozzon, A. (author), Huang, Long Kai (author), Xu, Chi (author)
Knowledge graphs (KGs) have proven to be effective to improve recommendation. Existing methods mainly rely on hand-engineered features from KGs (e.g., meta paths), which requires domain knowledge. This paper presents RKGE, a KG embedding approach that automatically learns semantic representations of both entities and paths between entities...
conference paper 2018
Sun, Zhu (author), Yang, J. (author), Zhang, Jie (author), Bozzon, A. (author), Chen, Yu (author), Xu, Chi (author)
Representation learning (RL) has recently proven to be effective in capturing local item relationships by modeling item co-occurrence in individual user's interaction record. However, the value of RL for recommendation has not reached the full potential due to two major drawbacks: 1) recommendation is modeled as a rating prediction problem...
conference paper 2017