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van den Berg, D.M. (author), Glans, Rebecca N. (author), de Koning, T.C.M. (Dorian) (author), Kuipers, F.A. (author), Lugtenburg, A.J.C. (Jochem) (author), Polachan, Kurian (author), Venkata, Prabhakar T. (author), Singh, Chandramani (author), Turkovic, B. (author), van Wijk, Bryan (author)
The Tactile Internet presently constitutes a vision of an Internet over which, in addition to current communications modalities, a sense of touch can be transported. In that case, people would no longer need to be physically near the systems they operate, but could control them remotely. The main problem that needs to be solved to realize the...
journal article 2017