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Van Essen, G.M. (author)
The process of depleting an oil reservoir can be poured into an optimal control problem with the objective to maximize economic performance over the life of the ?eld. Despite its large potential, life-cycle optimization has not yet found its way into operational environments. The objective of this thesis is to improve operational applicability...
doctoral thesis 2015
Van den Hof, P.M.J. (author), Jansen, J.D. (author), Van Essen, G.M. (author), Bosgra, O.H. (author)
Due to urgent needs to increase efficiency in oil recovery from subsurface reservoirs new technology is developed that allows more detailed sensing and actuation of multiphase flow properties in oil reservoirs. One of the examples is the controlled injection of water through injection wells with the purpose to displace the oil in an appropriate...
conference paper 2009