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King, M.A. (author), Altamimi, Z. (author), Boehm, J. (author), Bos, M. (author), Dach, R. (author), Elosegui, P. (author), Fund, F. (author), Hernández-Pajares, M. (author), Lavallee, D. (author), Riva, E.M. (author)
The provision of accurate models of Glacial Isostatic Adjustment (GIA) is presently a priority need in climate studies, largely due to the potential of the Gravity Recovery and Climate Experiment (GRACE) data to be used to determine accurate and continent-wide assessments of ice mass change and hydrology. However, modelled GIA is uncertain due...
journal article 2010
Bos, M.S. (author), Fernandes, R.M.S. (author), Williams, S.D.P. (author), Bastos, L. (author)
It has been generally accepted that the noise in continuous GPS observations can be well described by a power-law plus white noise model. Using maximum likelihood estimation (MLE) the numerical values of the noise model can be estimated. Current methods require calculating the data covariance matrix and inverting it, which is a significant...
journal article 2007