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Deshpande, S.R. (author), Brandenburg, Frank (author), Lau, A.W.H.R. (author), Last, M.G.F. (author), Spoelstra, W.K. (author), Reese, L. (author), Wunnava, Sreekar (author), Dogterom, A.M. (author), Dekker, C. (author)
Liquid-liquid phase separation (LLPS), especially coacervation, plays a crucial role in cell biology, as it forms numerous membraneless organelles in cells. Coacervates play an indispensable role in regulating intracellular biochemistry, and their dysfunction is associated with several diseases. Understanding of the LLPS dynamics would...
journal article 2019
Deshpande, S.R. (author), Spoelstra, W.K. (author), Kerssemakers, J.W.J. (author), Dekker, C. (author)
Liposomes, self-assembled vesicles with a lipid-bilayer boundary similar to cell membranes, are extensively used in both fundamental and applied sciences. Manipulation of their physical properties, such as growth and division, may significantly expand their use as model systems in cellular and synthetic biology. Several approaches have been...
journal article 2018
Spoelstra, W.K. (author), Deshpande, S.R. (author), Dekker, C. (author)
Recently, the bottom-up assembly of a synthetic cell has emerged as a daring novel approach that can be expected to have major impact in generating fundamental insight in the organization and function of actual biological cells, as well as in stimulating a broad range of applications from drug delivery systems to chemical nanofactories. A...
review 2018