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Wu, Jibing (author), Yu, Lianfei (author), Zhang, Qun (author), Shi, P. (author), Liu, Lihua (author), Deng, Su (author), Huang, Hongbin (author)
The heterogeneous information networks are omnipresent in real-world applications, which consist of multiple types of objects with various rich semantic meaningful links among them. Community discovery is an effective method to extract the hidden structures in networks. Usually, heterogeneous information networks are time-evolving, whose objects...
journal article 2018
You, F. (author), Bos, A.J.J. (author), Shi, Q. (author), Huang, S. (author), Dorenbos, P. (author)
The thermoluminescence properties of Y3Al5O12 (YAG) doped with an electron donor lanthanide (Ce3+, Pr3+, or Tb3+) together with an electron acceptor lanthanide (Yb3+ or Eu3+) were studied with the aim to locate the energy levels of each divalent and each trivalent lanthanide within the band gap. The activation energies needed to liberate...
journal article 2012