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Yang, Jinxin (author), Menenti, M. (author), Krayenhoff, E. Scott (author), Wu, Zhifeng (author), Shi, Qian (author), Ouyang, Xiaoying (author)
Sensible heat exchange has important consequences for urban meteorology and related applications. Directional radiometric surface temperatures of urban canopies observed by remote sensing platforms have the potential to inform estimations of urban sensible heat flux. An imaging radiometer viewing the surface from nadir cannot capture the...
journal article 2019
Kang, Z. (author), Yang, Juntao (author), Zhong, Ruofei (author), Wu, Yongxing (author), Shi, Zhenwei (author), Lindenbergh, R.C. (author)
The digital mapping of road environment is an important task for road infrastructure inventory and urban planning. Automatic extraction and classification of pole-like objects can remarkably reduce mapping cost and enhance work efficiency. Therefore, this paper proposes a voxel-based method that automatically extracts and classifies three...
journal article 2018
Yang, H. F. (author), Yang, S. L. (author), Xu, K. H. (author), Wu, H. (author), Shi, B. W. (author), Zhu, Q. (author), Zhang, W. X. (author), Yang, Z. (author)
Deltas are widely threatened by sediment starvation and climate change. Erosion potential is an important indicator of delta vulnerability. Here, we investigate the erosion potential of the Yangtze Delta. We found that over the past half century the Yangtze's sediment discharge has decreased by 80% due to the construction of >50,000 dams...
journal article 2017