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Geelen, D.V. (author), Scheepens, A.E. (author), Kobus, C.B.A. (author), Obinna, U.P. (author), Mugge, R. (author), Schoormans, J.P.L. (author), Reinders, A.H.M.E. (author)
Residential smart grid projects can be evaluated by a design-driven approach, which focuses on gaining insights for successful product and service development by taking the end-users as a starting point. Because only little experience exists with this design-driven approach, this paper addresses how four pilot projects with smart energy...
conference paper 2013
Viswanathan, B. (author), Reinders, A.H.M.E. (author), De Boer, D.K.G. (author), Ras, A. (author), Zahn, H. (author), Desmet, L. (author)
Solar photovoltaic outdoor lighting applications usually comprise flat plate PV modules mounted on top of a light pole. In our paper instead, it is thought of to design the light pole as a luminescent solar concentrator photovoltaic (LSC-PV) module with solar cell strips and hence reduce costs of silicon solar cells because concentration effects...
conference paper 2012