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Wiese, L. (author), Pohlmeyer, A.E. (author), Hekkert, P.P.M. (author)
Research in positive psychology indicates that sustained well-being is more determined by our actions than by our possessions. Products' contribution to well-being may thus be grounded in their potential to support well-being-enhancing activities rather than in their material value. In a laddering study, we investigated how products shape a...
conference paper 2019
Doirado, E. (author), Van den Berg, M. (author), Van Lint, J.W.C. (author), Hoogendoorn, S.P. (author), Prendinger, H. (author)
Disaster evacuation studies are important but difficult or impossible to conduct in the real world. Evacuation simulation in a virtual world can be an important tool to obtain data on the escape and choice behavior of people. However, to obtain accurate “realistic” data, the engagement of participants is a key challenge. Therefore, we describe...
conference paper 2012
Laurans, G.F.G. (author)
This thesis investigated the measurement of emotion during short episodes of interaction between products and their users. Chapter 2 is a review of the many ways that have been used to measure emotions, organized according to the component of emotion involved: feelings, bodily changes, and facial expression. Measurement based on bodily changes...
doctoral thesis 2011