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Muntjewerf, L. (author), Lipscomb, William (author), Thayer-Calder, Kate (author), Bradley, S.L. (author), Fyke, Jeremy (author), Ernani da Silva, C. (author), Sellevold, R. (author), Petrini, M. (author), Vizcaino, M. (author), More Authors (author)
poster 2019
Mahfouz, A.M.E.T.A. (author), Lelieveldt, B.P.F. (author), Grefhorst, Aldo (author), Mol, Isabel M. (author), Sips, Hetty C.M. (author), van den Heuvel, José K. (author), Visser, Jenny A. (author), Reinders, M.J.T. (author), Meijer, Onno C. (author), More Authors (author)
Steroid hormones coordinate the activity of many brain regions by binding to nuclear receptors that act as transcription factors. This study uses genome-wide correlation of gene expression in the mouse brain to discover (i) brain regions that respond in a similar manner to particular steroids, (ii) signaling pathways that are used in a steroid...
poster 2015
Taskesen, E. (author), Havermans, M (author), Van Lom, K (author), Sanders, Mathijs (author), van Norden, Yvette (author), Bindels, Eric (author), Hoogenboezem, Remco (author), Reinders, M.J.T. (author), Valk, P.J.M. (author), More Authors (author)
Acute Myeloid Leukemia is a highly diverse disease containing many cytogenetic and molecular abnormalities. We analyzed the DNA methylation<br/>(DMP) and gene expression profiles (GEP) of 344 AML patients using an unsupervised and supervised approach. We hypothesized to better<br/>characterize the disease phenotype by combing these features as...
poster 2011