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Liu, Q. (author), Zhao, M. (author), Mytnyk, S. (author), Klemm, B. (author), Zhang, K. (author), Wang, Y. (author), Yan, Dadong (author), Mendes, E. (author), van Esch, J.H. (author)
Hydrogel microparticles are important in materials engineering, but their applications remain limited owing to the difficulties associated with their manipulation. Herein, we report the self-orientation of crescent-shaped hydrogel microparticles and elucidate its mechanism. Additionally, the microparticles were used, for the first time, as...
journal article 2019
Zhang, M. (author), Bretherton, C.S. (author), Blossey, P.N. (author), Austin, P.H. (author), Bacmeister, J.T. (author), Bony, S. (author), Brient, F. (author), Cheedela, S.K. (author), Cheng, A. (author), Del Genio, A.D. (author), De Roode, S.R. (author), Endo, S. (author), Franklin, C.N. (author), Golaz, J.C. (author), Hannay, C. (author), Heus, T. (author), Isotta, F.A. (author), Dufresne, J.L. (author), Kang, I.S. (author), Kawai, H. (author), Köhler, M. (author), Larson, V.E. (author), Liu, Y. (author), Lock, A.P. (author), Lohmann, U. (author), Khairoutdinov, M.F. (author), Molod, A.M. (author), Neggers, R.A.J. (author), Rasch, P. (author), Sandu, I. (author), Senkbeil, R. (author), Siebesma, A.P. (author), Siegenthaler-Le Drian, C. (author), Stevens, B. (author), Suarez, M.J. (author), Xu, K.M. (author), Von Salzen, K. (author), Webb, M.J. (author), Wolf, A. (author), Zhao, M. (author)
CGILS—the CFMIP-GASS Intercomparison of Large Eddy Models (LESs) and single column models (SCMs)—investigates the mechanisms of cloud feedback in SCMs and LESs under idealized climate change perturbation. This paper describes the CGILS results from 15 SCMs and 8 LES models. Three cloud regimes over the subtropical oceans are studied: shallow...
journal article 2013