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Zhang, Zhixia (author), Zhang, Long (author), Yan, Xinlin (author), Wang, Hongqiang (author), Liu, Yanyan (author), Yu, C. (author), Cao, Xiaoting (author), van Eijck, L. (author), Wen, Bin (author)
Sulfide solid electrolytes possess high ionic conductivity and moderate dendrite suppression capability, but rather poor compatibility against oxide cathodes and metallic Li. Here, we report O-doped Li<sub>6</sub>PS<sub>5</sub>Br as solid electrolyte synthesized by a facile solid-state sintering. Different from other O-incorporated sulfides,...
journal article 2019
Zhang, Zhixia (author), Zhang, Long (author), Liu, Yanyan (author), Yu, C. (author), Yan, Xinlin (author), Xu, B. (author), Wang, L. (author)
Li<sub>6</sub>PS<sub>5</sub>X (X = Cl, Br, I) argyrodites possess high ionic conductivity but with rather scattered values due to various processing conditions. In this work, Li<sub>6</sub>PS<sub>5</sub>X solid electrolytes were prepared by solid-state sintering or mechanical alloying and optimized with or without excess Li<sub>2</sub>S....
journal article 2018