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Liu, J. (author)
Ship manoeuvrability is fundamental for the navigation safety of ships. Furthermore, through the equipment used for manoeuvring, it also affects investment, operation, and maintenance cost of these ships. Ships are primarily designed from an economic point of view. To ensure and improve the maritime efficiency, research on inland vessel...
doctoral thesis 2017
Liu, J. (author), Hekkenberg, R.G. (author)
Rudders are primary steering devices for merchant ships. The main purpose of using rudders is to generate forces for course keeping and manoeuvring. In exceptional cases, rudders are also used for emergency stopping and roll stabilisation. Furthermore, rudders affect propeller thrust efficiency and total ship resistance. Therefore, rudders...
journal article 2017
Liu, J. (author), Quadvlieg, F. (author), Hekkenberg, R.G. (author)
The performance of a ship’s rudder largely determines its manoeuvrability, which includes turning ability, initial turning ability, yaw-checking ability and course-keeping ability. However, existing empirical formulas for rudder forces do not concern the rudder profile. This paper discusses the impacts of various rudder profiles on ship...
conference paper 2015