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Lee, M.J. (author), Ronchini Ximenes, A. (author), Padmanabhan, P. (author), Wang, Tzu Jui (author), Huang, Kuo Chin (author), Yamashita, Yuichiro (author), Yaung, Dun Nian (author), Charbon, E.E.E. (author)
We present a high-performance back-illuminated three-dimensional stacked single-photon avalanche diode (SPAD), which is implemented in 45-nm CMOS technology for the first time. The SPAD is based on a P<sup>+</sup>/Deep N-well junction with a circular shape, for which N-well is intentionally excluded to achieve a wide depletion region, thus...
journal article 2018
Chen, J. (author), Wang, L. (author), Charbon, E. (author), Wang, B. (author)
A programmable architecture called “quantum FPGA (field-programmable gate array)” (QFPGA) is presented for quantum computing, which is a hybrid model combining the advantages of the qubus system and the measurement-based quantum computation. There are two kinds of buses in QFPGA, the local bus and the global bus, which generate the cluster...
journal article 2013