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Zhang, Tianyu (author), Ma, Yunjian (author), Tan, Chin Ping (author), Hollmann, F. (author), Wang, Jianrong (author), Yang, Bo (author), Wang, Yonghua (author)
Poor H <sub>2</sub> O <sub>2</sub> -resistance by enzymes is a key bottleneck in the epoxidation process of oil by enzymatic methods. In this study, the stability of three lipases, from Aspergillus oryzae lipase (AOL), Aspergillus fumigatus lipase B (AflB), and marine Janibacter (MAJ1), in the presence of H <sub>2</sub> O <sub>2</sub> was...
journal article 2019
Dong, J. (author), Fernandez Fueyo, E. (author), Hollmann, F. (author), Paul, C.E. (author), Pesic, M. (author), Schmidt, S. (author), Wang, Yonghua (author), Younes, S.H.H. (author), Zhang, W. (author)
Oxidation chemistry using enzymes is approaching maturity and practical applicability in organic synthesis. Oxidoreductases (enzymes catalysing redox reactions) enable chemists to perform highly selective and efficient transformations ranging from simple alcohol oxidations to stereoselective halogenations of non‐activated C−H bonds. For many of...
journal article 2018