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Qu, C. (author), Zhan, X. (author), Wang, Guanghui (author), Wu, Jianliang (author), Zhang, Zi-Ke (author)
Many systems are dynamic and time-varying in the real world. Discovering the vital nodes in temporal networks is more challenging than that in static networks. In this study, we proposed a temporal information gathering (TIG) process for temporal networks. The TIG-process, as a node's importance metric, can be used to do the node ranking. As...
journal article 2019
Chen, Zhi Guo (author), Chen, R. Y. (author), Zhong, R. D. (author), Schneeloch, John (author), Zhang, C. (author), Huang, Y. (author), Qu, F. (author), Yu, R. (author), Li, Q. (author), Gu, G. D. (author), Wang, N. L. (author)
Three-dimensional topological insulators (3D TIs) represent states of quantum matters in which surface states are protected by timereversal symmetry and an inversion occurs between bulk conduction and valence bands. However, the bulk-band inversion, which is intimately tied to the topologically nontrivial nature of 3D Tis, has rarely been...
journal article 2017