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de Jong, T.L. (author), Klink, Camiel (author), Moelker, Adriaan (author), Dankelman, J. (author), van den Dobbelsteen, J.J. (author)
Introduction: Accurate needle placement is crucial in image-guided needle interventions. A targeting error may be introduced due to undesired needle deflection upon insertion through tissue, caused by e.g. patient breathing, tissue heterogeneity, or asymmetric needle tip geometries. This paper aims to quantify needle deflection in thermal...
conference paper 2018
de Jong, T.L. (author), van de Berg, N.J.P. (author), Tas, L. (author), Moelker, Adriaan (author), Dankelman, J. (author), van den Dobbelsteen, J.J. (author)
Purpose: Accurate and precise needle placement is of utmost importance in interventional radiology. However, targeting can be challenging due to, eg, tissue motion and deformation. Steerable needles are a possible solution to overcome these challenges. The present work studied the clinical need for steerable needles. We aimed to answer three...
journal article 2018