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Wu, W. (author), Long, J.R. (author), Staszewski, B. (author)
A novel and useful millimeter-wave digitally controlled oscillator (DCO) that achieve a tuning range greater than 10% and fine frequency resolution less than 1 MHz. Switched metal capacitors are distributed across a passive resonator for tuning the oscillation frequency. To obtain sub-MHz frequency resolution, tuning step attenuation techniques...
patent 2014
Xu, Q. (author), Schneider, G. (author), Zandbergen, H.W. (author), Wu, M.Y. (author), Song, B. (author)
The present invention is in the field of a method for removing a high definition nanostructure in a partly free-standing layer, the layer, a sensor comprising said layer, a use of said sensor, and a method of detecting a species, and optional further characteristics thereof, using said sensor. The sensor and method are suited for detecting...
patent 2013