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Blanc, E (author), Ceranna, L. (author), Hauchecorne, A (author), Charlton-Perez, A (author), Marchetti, E. (author), Evers, L.G. (author), Kvaerna, T (author), Lastovicka, J. (author), Eliasson, L. (author), Crosby, N. B. (author), Blanc-Benon, P. (author), le Pichon, A (author), Brachet, N (author), Pilger, C (author), Keckhut, P (author), Assink, J. D. (author), Smets, P.S.M. (author), Lee, C. F. (author), Kero, J. (author), Sindelarova, T. (author), Kämpfer, N. (author), Rüfenacht, R. (author), Farges, T. (author), Millet, C. (author), Näsholm, S. P. (author), Gibbons, S. J. (author), Espy, P. J. (author), Hibbins, R. E. (author), Heinrich, P (author), Ripepe, M (author), Khaykin, S. (author), Mze, N. (author), Chum, J. (author)
This paper reviews recent progress toward understanding the dynamics of the middle atmosphere in the framework of the Atmospheric Dynamics Research InfraStructure in Europe (ARISE) initiative. The middle atmosphere, integrating the stratosphere and mesosphere, is a crucial region which influences tropospheric weather and climate. Enhancing...
journal article 2018
Le Pichon, A. (author), Assink, J.D. (author), Heinrich, P. (author), Blanc, E. (author), Charlton-Perez, A. (author), Lee, C.F. (author), Keckhut, P. (author), Hauchecorne, A. (author), Rufenacht, R. (author), Kampfer, N. (author), Drob, D.P. (author), Smets, P.S.M. (author), Evers, L.G. (author), Ceranna, L. (author), Pilger, C. (author), Ross, O. (author), Claud, C. (author)
High-resolution, ground-based and independent observations including co-located wind radiometer, lidar stations, and infrasound instruments are used to evaluate the accuracy of general circulation models and data-constrained assimilation systems in the middle atmosphere at northern hemisphere midlatitudes. Systematic comparisons between...
journal article 2015
Morosan, E. (author), Zandbergen, H.W. (author), Li, L. (author), Lee, M. (author), Checkelsky, J.G. (author), Heinrich, M. (author), Siegrist, T. (author), Ong, N.P. (author), Cava1, R.J. (author)
journal article 2007