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Mijs, Jonathan J.B. (author), Nieuwenhuis, J.G. (author)
Research calls attention to the divergent school and labor market trajectories of
Europe’s youth while, across the Atlantic, researchers describe the long-lasting
consequences of poverty on adolescent development. In this paper we incorporate both processes to shed a new light on a classic concern in the sociology of stratification: how...
working paper 2018
Nieuwenhuis, J.G. (author), Tammaru, T. (author), van Ham, M. (author), Hedman, L.K. (author), Manley, D.J. (author)
The neighbourhoods in which people live reflects their social class and preferences, so studying socio-spatial mobility between neighbourhoods gives insight in the openness of spatial class structures of societies and in the ability of people to leave disadvantaged neighbourhoods. We study the extent to which people move between different types...
working paper 2017