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Zhukavin, R.K. (author), Shastin, V.N. (author), Pavlov, S.G. (author), Hübers, H.W. (author), Hovenier, J.N. (author), Klaassen, T.O. (author), Van der Meer, A.F.G. (author)
Small signal gain measurements of optically excited terahertz silicon lasers are reported. Two types of lasers, Si:P and Si:Bi, were investigated. They were optically excited with radiation from a free electron laser or a CO2 laser. The experiments were performed with an oscillator-amplifier scheme where one sample serves as a laser while the...
journal article 2007
Pavlov, S.G. (author), Hübers, H.W. (author), Böttger, U. (author), Zhukavin, R.K. (author), Shastin, V.N. (author), Hovenier, J.N. (author), Redlich, B. (author), Abrosimov, N.V. (author), Riemann, H. (author)
Raman-type stimulated emission at frequencies between 5.0 and 5.2?THz as well as between 6.1 and 6.4?THz has been realized in silicon crystals doped by phosphorus donors. The Raman laser operates at around 5?K under optical excitation by a pulsed, frequency-tunable infrared free electron laser. The frequencies of the observed laser emission are...
journal article 2008
Pavlov, S.G. (author), Böttger, U. (author), Hovenier, J.N. (author), Abrosimov, N.V. (author), Riemann, H. (author), Zhukavin, R.K. (author), Shastin, V.N. (author), Redlich, B. (author), Van der Meer, A.F.G. (author), Hübers, H.W. (author)
Stimulated Raman emission in the terahertz frequency range (4.8–5.1 THz and 5.9–6.5 THz) has been realized by optical excitation of arsenic donor centers in silicon at low temperatures. The Stokes shift of the observed laser emission is 5.42 THz which is equal to the Raman-active donor electronic transition between the ground 1s(A1) and the...
journal article 2009