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Assali, S. (author), Lähnemann, J. (author), Vu, TTT (author), Jöns, K.D. (author), Gagliano, L (author), Verheijen, M. A. (author), Akopian, N. (author), Bakkers, E.P.A.M. (author), Haverkort, J. E.M. (author)
One of the major challenges in the growth of quantum well and quantum dot heterostructures is the realization of atomically sharp interfaces. Nanowires provide a new opportunity to engineer the band structure as they facilitate the controlled switching of the crystal structure between the zinc-blende (ZB) and wurtzite (WZ) phases. Such a...
journal article 2017
Greil, J. (author), Assali, S. (author), Isono, Y. (author), Belabbes, A. (author), Bechstedt, F. (author), Valega MacKenzie, F. O. (author), Yu Silov, A (author), Bakkers, E.P.A.M. (author), Haverkort, J.E.M. (author)
Wurtzite gallium phosphide (WZ GaP) has been predicted to exhibit a direct bandgap in the green spectral range. Optical transitions, however, are only weakly allowed by the symmetry of the bands. While efficient luminescence has been experimentally shown, the nature of the transitions is not yet clear. Here we apply tensile strain up to 6%...
journal article 2016
Wang, J. (author), Plissard, S. (author), Hocevar, M. (author), Vu, T.T.T. (author), Zehender, T. (author), Immink, G.G.W. (author), Verheijen, M.A. (author), Haverkort, J. (author), Bakkers, E.P.A.M. (author)
We investigate the growth of vertically standing [100] zincblende InP nanowire (NW) arrays on InP (100) substrates in the vapor-liquid-solid growth mode using low-pressure metal-organic vapor-phase epitaxy. Precise positioning of these NWs is demonstrated by electron beam lithography. The vertical NW yield can be controlled by different...
journal article 2012