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Pool, D.M. (author), Damveld, H.J. (author), Van Paassen, M.M. (author), Mulder, M. (author)
This paper describes the preliminary results of an effort to compile data from a large number of studies that investigated the effects of variations in motion filter settings on pilot behavior. The main objective of this study is to formulate a set of mathematical rules that will allow for the tuning of behavioral pilot models to a certain...
conference paper 2011
Damveld, H.J. (author), Abbink, D.A. (author), Mulder, M. (author), Mulder, Mark (author), Van Paassen, M.M. (author), Van der Helm, F.C.T. (author), Hosman, R.J.A.W. (author)
This goal of this study is to understand which parts of the the neuromuscular system contribute during a pitch control task. A novel method developed at the Delft University of Technology allows us to determine the contribution of the neuromuscular feedback system by identifying the admittance, which is the frequency response function of the...
conference paper 2010