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Han, B. (author), Liang, H. (author), Lin, H. (author), Zhong, J. (author), Su, Q. (author), Dorenbos, P. (author), Birowosuto, M.D. (author), Zhang, G. (author), Fu, Y. (author)
The phosphors Ba3Gd(BO3)3:Ce3+ were prepared by a solid-state reaction technique at high temperature. The vacuum ultraviolet-ultraviolet and visible spectroscopic properties of the phosphors together with decay time curves are investigated and discussed. The spectroscopic properties are explained by occupancy of Ce3+ at two different Gd sites in...
journal article 2007
Hou, D. (author), Han, B. (author), Chen, W. (author), Liang, H. (author), Su, Q. (author), Dorenbos, P. (author), Huang, Y. (author), Gao, Z. (author), Tao, Y. (author)
A series of Ce3+ doped ?-Sr2?2xCexNaxP2O7 phosphor compounds has been prepared using a high-temperature solid-state reaction technique. The luminescence properties under vacuum ultraviolet-UV and x-ray excitation were studied. Luminescence spectra reveal three UV-emitting peaks at about 310, 330, and 350 nm from which we conclude that Ce3+...
journal article 2010
Ding, X. (author), Liang, H. (author), Hou, D. (author), Su, Q. (author), Dorenbos, P. (author), Sun, S. (author), Tao, Y. (author)
Ce3+-doped Ba3MgSi2O8 phosphors were prepared by a solid-state reaction route. The photoluminescence properties in the vacuum ultraviolet-vis spectral range and the x ray excited radioluminescence were investigated. Ce3+ ions were found to enter three different sites in the host lattice. Five excitation bands and two emission bands of Ce(1)3+...
journal article 2011