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Keijdener, C. (author), Hendrikse, H. (author), Metrikine, A. (author)
In this paper, the bending failure of level ice caused by the interaction with a downward sloping structure is studied in 2D. The focus is on the effect of hydrodynamics on the interaction. This study is done by comparing the predictions of a model that includes both hydrostatics and hydrodynamics with one that only includes hydrostatics.<br/...
journal article 2018
Hendrikse, H. (author), Metrikine, A. (author)
Ice-induced vibrations can occur when flexible, vertically-sided offshore structures are subject to level ice such that the failure mode of ice is predominantly crushing. When the ice is relatively thin, or when the width of the structure is much larger than the ice thickness, the ice tends to buckle and subsequently fail as soon as the...
journal article 2016