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Pronk, M. (author), Neu, Thomas R. (author), van Loosdrecht, M.C.M. (author), Lin, Y. (author)
A new acid soluble extracellular polymeric substance (acid soluble EPS) was extracted from an acetate fed aerobic granular sludge reactor operated at 35 °C. Acid soluble EPS dominated granules exhibited a remarkable and distinctive tangled tubular morphology. These granules are dominated by Defluviicoccus Cluster II organisms. Acetic acid...
journal article 2017
de Graaff, D.R. (author), van Dijk, E.J.H. (author), van Loosdrecht, Mark C.M. (author), Pronk, M. (author)
For a stable operation, the aerobic granular sludge process requires mechanically strong granules in balance with the shear forces in the reactor. Despite a wide general interest in granular stability, the mechanical strength of both anaerobic and aerobic granular sludge received very little attention. In this study, a high-shear method for...
journal article 2018
de Graaff, D.R. (author), Felz, S. (author), Neu, Thomas R. (author), Pronk, M. (author), van Loosdrecht, Mark C.M. (author), Lin, Y. (author)
Sialic acids have been discovered in the extracellular polymeric substances (EPS) of seawater-adapted aerobic granular sludge (AGS). Sialic acids are a group of monosaccharides with a nine-carbon backbone, commonly found in mammalian cells and pathogenic bacteria, and frequently described to protect EPS molecules and cells from attack by...
journal article 2019