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Veiga, T. (author), Gombert, A.K. (author), Landes, N. (author), Verhoeven, M.D. (author), Kiel, J.A.K.W. (author), Krikken, A. (author), Nijland, J.G. (author), Touw, H. (author), Luttik, M.A.H. (author), Van der Toorn, J.C. (author), Driessen, A.J.M. (author), Bovenberg, R.A.L. (author), Van den Berg, M.A. (author), Van der Klei, I.J. (author), Pronk, J.T. (author), Daran, J.M. (author)
Industrial production of semi-synthetic cephalosporins by Penicillium chrysogenum requires supplementation of the growth media with the side-chain precursor adipic acid. In glucose-limited chemostat cultures of P. chrysogenum, up to 88% of the consumed adipic acid was not recovered in cephalosporin-related products, but used as an additional...
journal article 2012
Daran, J.M. (author), Pronk, J.T. (author), Driessen, A.J.M. (author), Nijland, J.G. (author), Lamboo, F. (author), Puig-Martinez, M. (author), Veiga, T. (author), Gombert, A.K. (author)
Penicillium chrysogenum is widely used as an industrial antibiotic producer, in particular in the synthesis of ß-lactam antibiotics such as penicillins and cephalosporins. In industrial processes, oxalic acid formation leads to reduced product yields. Moreover, precipitation of calcium oxalate complicates product recovery. We observed oxalate...
journal article 2011
Bajaj, I. (author), Veiga, T. (author), Van Dissel, D. (author), Pronk, J.T. (author), Daran, J.M. (author)
Background Microbial gene expression is strongly influenced by environmental growth conditions. Comparison of gene expression under different conditions is frequently used for functional analysis and to unravel regulatory networks, however, gene expression responses to co-cultivation with other microorganisms, a common occurrence in nature, is...
journal article 2014