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Van Rossum, H.M. (author), Kozak, B.U. (author), Pronk, J.T. (author), Van Maris, A.J.A. (author)
Saccharomyces cerevisiae is an important industrial cell factory and an attractive experimental model for evaluating novel metabolic engineering strategies. Many current and potential products of this yeast require acetyl coenzyme A (acetyl-CoA) as a precursor and pathways towards these products are generally expressed in its cytosol. The native...
journal article 2016
Kozak, B.U. (author), Van Rossum, H.M. (author), Benjamin, K.R. (author), Wu, L. (author), Daran, J.G. (author), Pronk, J.T. (author), Van Maris, A.J.A. (author)
Cytosolic acetyl-coenzyme A is a precursor for many biotechnologically relevant compounds produced by Saccharomyces cerevisiae. In this yeast, cytosolic acetyl-CoA synthesis and growth strictly depend on expression of either the Acs1 or Acs2 isoenzyme of acetyl-CoA synthetase (ACS). Since hydrolysis of ATP to AMP and pyrophosphate in the ACS...
journal article 2013