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Li, K. (author), Stroeven, P. (author), Stroeven, M. (author), Sluys, L.J. (author)
Permeability of virtual cement seems to exceed experimental data by several orders of magnitude. The differences may actually not be that dramatic, since experimental samples are in practice not always fully saturated as generally assumed. This paper demonstrates that this has enormous effects on permeability. A numerical study is conducted on...
conference paper 2015
Li, K. (author), Stroeven, P. (author), Le, L.B.N. (author)
A novel methodology is described for porosimetry as well as for water transport through the pore system in dynamic DEM-based virtual cementitious materials. The pore network topology, the pore size distribution and the pore connectivity are assessed on the basis of a robotics-inspired pore delineation method and star volume measurements....
journal article 2015