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Draganov, D.S. (author), Campman, X. (author), Thorbecke, J.W. (author), Verdel, A. (author), Wapenaar, C.P.A. (author)
One application of seismic interferometry is to retrieve the impulse response (Green's function) from crosscorrelation of ambient seismic noise. Various researchers show results for retrieving the surface-wave part of the Green's function. However, reflection retrieval has proven more challenging. We crosscorrelate ambient seismic noise,...
journal article 2009
Gouedard, P. (author), Roux, P. (author), Campillo, M. (author), Verdel, A.R. (author), Yao, H. (author), Van der Hilst, R.D. (author)
We use seismic prospecting data on a 40 × 40 regular grid of sources and receivers deployed on a 1 km × 1 km area to assess the feasibility and advantages of velocity analysis of the shallow subsurface by means of surface-wave tomography with Green's functions estimated from crosscorrelation. In a first application we measure Rayleigh-wave...
journal article 2011