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Dragoset, B. (author), Verschuur, D.J. (author), Moore, I. (author), Bisley, R. (author)
Surface-related multiple elimination (SRME) is an algorithm that predicts all surface multiples by a convolutional process applied to seismic field data. Only minimal preprocessing is required. Once predicted, the multiples are removed from the data by adaptive subtraction. Unlike other methods of multiple attenuation, SRME does not rely on...
journal article 2010
Berkhout, A.J. (author), Verschuur, D.J. (author)
Interpolation of data beyond aliasing limits and removal of noise that occurs within the seismic bandwidth are still important problems in seismic processing. The focal transform is introduced as a promising tool in data interpolation and noise removal, allowing the incorporation of macroinformation about the involved wavefields. From a physical...
journal article 2006