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Mahdad, A. (author), Doulgeris, P. (author), Blacquiere, G. (author)
Seismic acquisition is a trade-off between economy and quality. In conventional acquisition the time intervals between successive records are large enough to avoid interference in time. To obtain an efficient survey, the spatial source sampling is therefore often (too) large. However, in blending, or simultaneous acquisition, temporal overlap...
journal article 2011
Van Veldhuizen, E.J. (author), Blacquiere, G. (author), Berkhout, A.J. (author)
Increasingly, we must deal with complex subsurface structures in seismic exploration, often resulting in poor illumination and, therefore, poor image quality. Consequently, it is desirable to take into consideration the effects of wave propagation in the subsurface structure when designing an acquisition geometry. We developed a new, model-based...
journal article 2008